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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Training/ discovering Rogaland: Randaberg

I had to try the new wheel and brakes of the bike. After working on it, I really could not wait to hit the road and do some kilometers. So I did. A few minutes before I looked at the map and decided where I wanted to go. A little bit north of here there is a really nice village, well actually a haven´t been to the town itself, but the nature around is really nice. So I took the bike and went that way. Luckily, once I got to the coast there was a cycling rout “Nordsjøruta”, that went all the way I had intended to go. I followed small roads, not allowed for cars, most of the way, and I had lots of fun. Of course the closer I got to the city, the more crowded the roads were and the less chance I had to enjoy. But overall it was great.

I covered almost 50 km in less than 2, 5 hours, stopping many times to take pictures and to think about the way, so I´m really satisfied with the speed also. Doing this walk I thought of something: to do as many of these as possible. For one side I get to know the province and for the other I train a bit. That’s the reason of the title. As I´m planning to do many I also put where they were made.

Here you have the map of the rout and a couple pictures. If you get the chance to do it, it´s really enjoyable.

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Nordsjøruta sign


Entrenando y descubriendo Rogaland: Randaberg

Para probar la rueda y los frenos nuevos he llevado la bici a dar una vuelta. Tras un rápido vistazo al mapa, he visto que un poco más al norte hay una especie de península, y que no está muy lejos. Así que ahí he ido. He tenido la suerte que desde que he llegado a la costa había una ruta para bicis “Nordsjøruta”. La he seguido durante su recorrido hasta un puerto, donde tenía que coger un ferry si quería seguirla. Desde ahí he vuelto a la ciudad, pero por toda la costa. Algo que no había visto antes.

La vuelta son algo menos de 50km. Y ha sido muy bonita, la costa en esta zona es increíble. Visto el éxito de la ruta, he decidido hacer más, con dos objetivos. Primero, entrenarme para el viaje, y segundo, para conocer más la zona. De ahí el título del post.

Os dejo el mapa, y si tenéis la oportunidad no dudéis en seguirlo,  y un par de fotos. He sacado algunas muy bonitas, por lo que he tenido problemas para decidir cuales poner.

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