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Monday, February 7, 2011

Stories of the Russian visa

I haven´t got it yet, I just wanted to talk about the process.

Getting this visa keeps being a bit of a nightmare, but still trying. I called a few times, they didn´t answer. At the third or fourth time, they actually picked up! Well, I had dialed the wrong number, so I talked to a really nice guy from a national television channel. After that I finally got to speak English with a girl at the consulate, and she told me that I need to have the hotels booked. I don´t exactly know when I´ll be there! I already sent an email to see what I need to do to get it. Does everybody have this problem, or it´s just me?

Hopefully I will have this stamp in my passport soon.

Historias del visado ruso

Todavía no lo he conseguido, pero quería comentaros lo que me está costando.

El consulado, para llamadas relacionadas con el visado solo atienden un par de horas al día, y el horario no me coincide siempre. Aun así llamé varias veces sin que me cogiesen. Al tercer día, más o menos, consigo que me cojan. Pero resulta que había marcado mal el número, así que estuve hablando con los de la televisión nacional noruega. Eso sí, su inglés era muy bueno.
Finalmente conseguí que me cogiesen la llamada, y me dijeron que necesito tener reservados los hoteles. Esto va a ser un poco problemático. Les he mandado un email a ver si me lo pueden explicar bien, o hay alguna alternativa. ¿Todos tenéis este problema para ir a Rusia, o soy yo que tengo mala suerte?

Espero tener un sello como de la foto en mi pasaporte dentro de poco.

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  1. Hi Hodei, it sounds like you have a great trip planned. I helped some guys do a similar cycle in reverse a few years back. I'd gladly put you in touch if it's helpful.

    As for the Russian visa, you could You can get an invitation very quickly without a hotel booked. For the visa itself, they recently outsourced from the embassy in London to an external office which is much more efficient, if a little more expensive.

    All the best,