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Monday, February 14, 2011

Loads of pictures

These days, as I’m visiting new places, I´m taking lots of pictures. Yesterday I had a hard time choosing what pictures to put in the blog. Finally I decided to put some, which were not the best, but showed better what I wanted. But I realized that I want to share all these pictures (at least the good ones). I opened a Flickr account a couple days back, so I will put them there. You can see the main page here, or the album “Random pictures of Norway”. Right now there are not loads of pictures, but someday there will be.

Nordsjøruta fields

Nordsjøruta seaside

Más y más fotos

Estos días estoy sacando bastantes fotos. Con las vueltas que estoy dando en bici, me he encontrado sitios impresionantes. Como ayer tuve problemas a la hora de decidir que fotos enseñaros, he pensado que las voy a poner en Flickr, así las tenéis todas. La página principal la encontráis aquí, o si queréis el álbum “Random pictures of Norway” (fotos variadas de Noruega).

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